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Were you or a loved on seriously injured by a defective highway guardrail? Regardless of how the accident happened or why this was not your or your loved one’s fault and you could be eligible for a large cash award.

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About ET-Plus End Terminals
Guardrails are meant to absorb the impact, even in a head-on collision at 62 miles per hour. When a vehicle crashes into a guardrail, a traditional end terminal moves like a sled along the guardrail and curves the rail to the side. When a vehicle crashes into a guardrail outfitted with an ET-Plus end terminal, however, the end terminal itself locks and breaks off, causing the railing to penetrate through the vehicle, often with grave consequences.

Why didn’t the Guardrail Protect us from this Happening?

A guardrail works by collapsing when hit head-on by a vehicle. It is supposed to absorb the impact of the vehicle and guide the railing out of the vehicle’s path. In 2005, Trinity Industries decided to narrow the channel behind the head from 5 inches to 4 inches in order to reduce the manufacturing costs by $2.00 on every rail head.

Now, instead of the guardrail coiling or rolling to make the impact as safe as possible, the rails become a deadly spear that can go straight through a vehicle injuring or even killing the occupants.

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Will the Company be held Responsible?

Those changes were not disclosed to the Federal Highway Administration for seven years. Trinity has already been found guilty of fraud for failing to tell the government about design modifications to the ET-Plus. They were fined and now some states are removing the dangerous rails, but other states are not going to replace them. The company is still denying that there is a problem.


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