Park to Reverse Defect Accident Lawyer

Park Reverse Accident LawyerIf you or someone you love have been injured or killed as a result of a park to reverse accident, you probably feel like you’re completely alone. We empathize with you during this difficult situation, and we are here to fight for you against the negligent auto manufacturers.

Park and reverse accidents have impacted many lives, leaving devastation and pain behind. Yet the auto manufacturers may blame you for the accident rather than accept responsibility.

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What is a Park to Reverse Accident?

Park to reverse is a term that describes an accident where a driver of a car believes that they have shifted their vehicle’s transmission into the park position, and trusting that this is the case, removes their foot from the brake. There are many situations where drivers do this every day: they get out of the car to get mail out of the mailbox, to speak to a neighbor, to pick up a child from school and help to seatbelt them into the car or strap them into a car seat.


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Unfortunately, as a result of a manufacturers’ defect on many cars, the vehicle is not actually in park. Instead, the gear shift is positioned between gears and the car can move into a powered reverse and suddenly shifts backward, or a hydraulic neutral where it can roll either forwards or backward. In either case, severe injuries can occur.

The driver, bystanders, and innocent children have been seriously injured or killed as a result. It has been well established that in many cases this is a result of a defect in the mechanism that shifts and locks gear into place.

Our Firm Will Fight For Your Rights

Auto manufacturers have a duty to ensure that the vehicles that they sell are safe and that innocent people do not get hurt as a result of defects with their products. Our experienced attorneys have dedicated themselves for over 20 years to fighting for the rights of consumers who have suffered as a result of manufacturer negligence. We have recovered over $700 million for our injured clients.

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