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UPS accident lawyerUPS has always been synonymous with quick and efficient delivery and that has become increasingly true as more and more people shop on the internet and have their goods delivered to them, their customers or their loved ones instead of going out and picking them up themselves.

Although the convenience of this service has made life simpler for everyone from the suburban mom who doesn’t have the time to go out and purchase gifts to the business owner who can count on “Big Brown” to both pick up and deliver their products all around the world, it has also created an additional hazard on the roads.

As UPS has grown increasingly popular, more and more of the ubiquitous delivery trucks are on the roads, and the drivers who are operating the vehicles are under increasing amounts of pressure to make their deliveries on time. The result has been an alarming increase in accidents caused by UPS trucks, and unfortunately, many of those accidents have resulted in injuries.

In many cases the accidents have been the result of the negligence of the UPS driver, who has been more focused on making it to the next stop or completing his or her deliveries by the end of the shift than on paying attention to the road around them.

Sometimes the accidents have been caused by driver fatigue, which is a direct result of the pressure brought to bear on the drivers by company management. In all of these cases, the result may be a serious injury to innocent victims. When this type of accident occurs, it is the responsibility of UPS to pay for the damage that has been suffered.


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UPS Accidents are Different from other Accidents

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident that has involved a UPS vehicle, it is essential that you seek the counsel of attorneys who have special training and experience in this type of situation, as the laws and procedures can be very different from what takes place in other car accident cases.

Because UPS is a large corporation, different rules apply and it is essential that you attorney is well-versed in these differences in order to ensure that you will receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled to.

UPS vehicles may be the cause of accidents whether they are moving or if they are parked during a delivery – in fact, it is frequently the case that the accidents caused by UPS are a direct result of a hazard that they have created by parking in a manner that forces others into unsafe conditions.

It is important that your attorney not only understands and has the resources to do the appropriate research into your particular case but also that they have a good understanding of all of the different layers of responsibility – including that of the corporation itself, the driver and any third parties that may have been involved – in order to make certain that you are able to collect all the damages to which you are entitled.

Make Sure you have a Strong Team on your Side if you are Involved in a UPS Lawsuit

UPS accidents can be caused by many things. Trucks may be parked in a way that creates hazardous conditions, UPS drivers may be fatigued and not paying close attention to the road, or they may simply be in a rush and drive recklessly, perhaps going through stop signs, speeding, or making improper lane changed.

The fact that UPS is an enormous, international corporation does not mean that they and their drivers are not required to follow the same traffic laws as everybody else, and if they are responsible for an accident then they are required to pay for any damages that have been incurred.

If you have been involved in an accident with one of their vehicles it is easy to assume that they have too many resources working on their behalf for you to possibly get the damages you are entitled to – but that is not the case.

Despite the best efforts of UPS’ attorneys to intimidate those who have been the victims of their negligence or the negligence of their drivers, the experienced trial attorneys at Danziger & De Llano can successfully represent you, and hold them accountable. We have the experience and know-how required to gather all of the essential information and to make sure that justice is done.

Contact us for a free consultation, and find out what is involved. Whether what is required is doing the research about who was at fault in your accident or determining exactly what your losses and damages are so that you can be certain that you are properly compensated, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are treated fairly and get what you deserve.

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