Injured while riding in an Uber owned Vehicle? An UBER Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

UBER car accident lawyerWhile UBER and Lyft has revolutionized the transportation industry through ridesharing, it has also introduced serious legal issues when accidents occur in a rideshare vehicle. Our law firm has successfully helped hundreds of injured clients, and we are dedicated to helping you. Contact our Uber Car Accident Lawyers today.

Rideshare Injuries Offer Few Protections for Their Passengers

One of the trade-offs to the convenience and economies of ridesharing is that the vehicles are not driven by professionals. To work for UBER or Lyft, drivers need little more than a vehicle, personal auto insurance, and a driver’s license. With little or no training and the constant distraction of the required app on their smartphones make UBER car accidents a real possibility.


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Making matters worse, the rules regarding liability are different for rideshare drivers and vehicles than for private automobiles or livery companies. UBER and Lyft both consider their drivers to be independent contractors rather than employees, which means that the companies are much more likely to deny injury claims.

UBER Hiring Criminals to Drive You

Recently, an UBER driver was charged with sexually abusing one of his passengers. UBER neglected to do a thorough background check by omitting a fingerprint background check. As a result, criminals are able to manipulate the system and become UBER drivers. If you or your loved ones have been injured or assaulted by an UBER driver, let us know right away.

UBER’s Insurance Policy Affects you in an UBER Car Accident

The drivers who work for rideshare companies are required to have their own personal insurance, and the companies themselves carry liability coverage of $1 million for any accident. This is only applied when the driver is on a job and has the mobile app activated. The two companies differ slightly in their rules, but the basics are as follows:

  • If an accident occurs when the rideshare company’s mobile app is off, only the driver’s personal auto insurance applies. The company is not liable.
  • If an accident occurs when the rideshare company’s mobile app is on and the driver is “available, the driver’s personal insurance and the company’s contingent liability coverage applies.
  • If an accident occurs while on a rideshare job, the company’s commercial insurance applies.

This means that if you are in an UBER car accident that has a client in the vehicle you are eligible to receive compensation from both the driver’s personal insurance and the rideshare company, but that when they are between trips or not working, the rules of responsibility change.

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