Sexual Assault at Massage Envy Reported by Women Across the U.S.

A massage is supposed to be a therapeutic experience that restores energy, clears your mind, and provides relief from stress. But recent news reports have revealed that many Massage Envy clients have had anything but a positive, relaxing experience. Over 180 women throughout the United States have filed police reports and sexual assault lawsuits against the national company, its individual franchises and its employees, and it is expected that many more will follow.


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The stories that Massage Envy victims tell are both terrifying and infuriating. Women who were completely exposed and alone with the company’s massage therapists were violated and sexually assaulted in numerous ways, yet when they reported the sexual assault to the company they were ignored or their complaints were minimized and mishandled. In some instances, women have been offered settlements in order to prevent a sexual assault lawsuit from being filed, and in many cases, there is no record of the assault occurring. This leaves future customers vulnerable to attack, and the public unaware of potential risk.

With 1,200 individual spas across the country, Massage Envy is the largest and most successful massage franchise, offering convenient locations and services at reduced rates. But despite its popularity and high visibility, Massage Envy has tried to avoid taking responsibility for the sexual assault at their spas. The company’s attorneys have tried to shift the blame to individual spa owners, claiming that their franchise arrangement protects them from responsibility, but that is not necessarily true. As the parent company, Massage Envy provides company policies, training, and standards for how to handle complaints. This means that they can be held accountable when clients become victims.

Women have a right to feel safe when they book an appointment for a massage with a company that has become a trusted national brand, and Massage Envy betrayed that trust by failing to provide appropriate protections, training, and policies. The first sexual assault lawsuit against Massage Envy will be heard in a Pennsylvania courtroom in January, and it is expected that many more clients will seek justice against the company for their failure to protect them from sexual predators.

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