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fedex accident lawyerAnybody who is a regular driver knows that the highways and even small neighborhood streets can be dangerous places these days. Unexpected road hazards and construction, careless drivers all around, chatting on cell phones and not paying attention, your own daily pressures and schedule pushing you to get wherever you’re going that much faster – it is amazing that we all don’t get into more accidents.

Now imagine that you are driving on those roads eight and ten hours a day for a living, and are constantly on a tight time schedule to get from place to place to place within a specified period of time, regardless of traffic, road and weather conditions, or the need for maintenance of your vehicle.

That is exactly the position that is the day-to-day norm for the delivery drivers who work for FedEx, the giant courier service company whose familiar trucks, vans and planes have become part of our everyday landscape.


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FedEx was founded in 1971, and since that time it has grown exponentially from a small overnight shipping company with fourteen planes that delivered eighteen packages on their first day of business, to what it is today – a global courier company with divisions specializing in a variety of local, national and international services, its own fleet of airplanes, as well as a busy ground transportation service which competes directly with other courier companies including UPS and the U S Postal service for business.

Pressure on FedEx Drivers

Because FedEx Ground competes directly with UPS and because the economy has been suffering an economic downturn, the company is in a constant battle for more revenue. This has meant that the company is busier than ever and management has pushed their drivers to meet and exceed delivery deadlines, delivering more and more packages as people around the world use delivery services and the internet to make purchases.

This has dramatically increased the number of FedEx trucks and vans that are out on the road and as a result the number of accidents that FedEx trucks are involved in has also increased. There are a number of different types of accidents that FedEx trucks can be involved in, and different reasons for the accidents.

In some cases, the trucks that are being driven have been poorly maintained. Sometimes the drivers have been driving too many hours and are fatigued, making them misjudge the speed at which they are traveling or to make faulty judgment calls on driving decisions.

Sometimes the drivers are simply reckless because they are so mindful of the schedule they are trying to meet and run through traffic lights or stop signs, or they park in a way that forces other cars to go around them in unsafe ways.

There have even been instances where FedEx drivers have left their vehicles to deliver a package and have misapplied the parking brake and the truck has rolled away, causing damage to other vehicles or injuring people.

All of these instances are examples of negligence on the part of the FedEx driver as well as of FedEx itself because it is their responsibility to make sure that their drivers are performing in a safe and responsible way on the roads.

FedEx is Responsible for the Negligence of their Drivers

If you have been involved in an accident with a FedEx driver, you probably don’t care what the reason or excuse is for why the accident has taken place – you just need to be able to get better and you need somebody to pay for your damages and any injuries or losses that you may have suffered.

If the accident was the result of negligence on the part of the FedEx driver, then both the driver and the company that they work for are responsible for any damages that you have suffered, whether those damages are to your physical property, medical injury, or any other kind of loss.

But before you call your local attorney, it is important that you remember that pursuing a liability lawsuit against a big corporation like FedEx is no small undertaking – you need to work with a law firm that has the knowledge, experience, and resources to be able to stand up to this corporate giant.

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