Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Young Widow and Mother of Truck Accident Victims

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Following his guilty plea in June admitting to responsibility for the October 2018 truck accident deaths of three people, Jack Edward Satterfield III of McComb, Mississippi was sentenced to 28 ½ years in prison. Among the dead were Zachary Lybrand, age 24 and his 16-month-old daughter Elliana Lybrand.

In response, Jessica Lybrand, the 21-year-old widow and mother of the deceased, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Satterfield, his employer Greentree Logistics, Inc., and J.D. Eckman, the company responsible for the construction project on Interstate 83 in Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania that was the scene of the accident.

The fatal truck accident occurred when Satterfield failed to stop with the rest of traffic, plowing into the back of Lybrand’s car and causing a chain-reaction crash that involved twelve other vehicles and also killed a college student in another vehicle. The investigation of the truck accident revealed that Satterfield had not only been operating the vehicle while under the influence, but also that he fled the scene of the crime without reporting it or calling for help for the victims, and that he did not have a valid Commercial Driver’s License because his license had been suspended in connection with his guilty plea to possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Widow and Mother Seeks Justice Following Tragic Truck Accident

In her wrongful death lawsuit, Mrs. Lybrand has accused the driver, the construction company and the driver’s employer of responsibility for the tragic truck accident that changed her life forever. According to the wrongful death action that she filed on behalf of herself and her late husband’s parents, she not only blames Satterfield for his negligence and for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of the accident, but also charges Greentree Logistics with negligence in having hired him and the construction company for its failure to properly warn motorists of the change in traffic patterns caused by their project. She is seeking both compensatory damages for medical expenses, loss of the companionship and support of her husband, and her suffering for the loss of her child, and punitive damages.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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