Victims of Hurricane Harvey May Benefit from Newly Approved HUD Grants

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It has been 8 months since Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Houston area, but many homeowners and business owners are still struggling to get back on their feet. Some are fighting with insurers who have been slow to respond to claims, while others are encountering other frustrations and challenges. But now more than $5 billion in Community Development Block Grants has been approved, and much of that money is expected to flow to homeowners.

The approval for the grants for Hurricane Harvey relief was given in 2017, but it’s taken until now for them to actually be distributed. Now following a meeting with federal HUD officials and representatives, as well as by applying pressure on Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the funds will begin to be distributed. Speaking of the breakthrough, Bush said, “The impact of Hurricane Harvey continues to disrupt the lives of so many Texans. As we continue the long-term recovery process, the GLO’s Community Development and Revitalization team continues to work with local officials in all 49 affected counties to expedite the release of disaster recovery funds. Through the utilization of innovative recovery programs, we are positioning Texas for a more comprehensive recovery that will truly help rebuild.”

Hurricane Harvey Grants Will Yield $1.115 Billion to Houston and Harris Counties

Houston and Harris County received the brunt of the damage following Hurricane Harvey, and as a result, each county will receive a grant of $1.115 billion, with the balance of the $5 billion in grants being spread throughout the rest of the state. The majorities of the monies will be provided directly to homeowners who need funds in order to rebuild their homes. The money will also be made available to provide for rental housing and home buyouts, as well as community-focused programs such as repairing infrastructure. That $5 billion comes just days after an announcement that the state will be getting an additional $5.03 billion for disaster relief.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

Terri Oppenheimer

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