Toddler Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury after Police Crash into Family Car

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A Baltimore family is reeling after their three-year-old son suffered a traumatic brain injury in a horrific accident with Philadelphia police officers.

The boy’s mother, Meghan Stone-Kirts, explains that the family was headed north on Interstate 95 on their way to a fun day in New York City when they were suddenly caught in the middle of a police chase. Their convertible was struck from behind by a car driven by 20-year-old Dajuan Robinson. The force of the impact ejected the toddler from his car seat, leaving him with skull fractures and spinal injuries.

Though little David is back home now, the toddler suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident, and it is unclear what his future holds. “He has a traumatic brain injury impacting the whole right side of his head and might never heal,” Meghan Stone-Kirts, David’s mom, said. She explains that their vehicle was not only struck by the fugitive’s car, but then again by several police cruisers that had been chasing him.

Family Questions Police Actions Following Boy’s Traumatic Brain Injury

The boy was treated for his traumatic brain injury at a Philadelphia hospital, spending several days in intensive care before being able to return home. In reviewing what happened, the family is questioning whether the car chase was appropriate.

Robinson was being pursued for probation violations, and police wanted to question him about two murders. He fled the accident scene and is still not in custody. The family is saying that there is something wrong with the way police chased the man and exposed them to such significant danger. “If it’s probation violation, give them a must appear and if they don’t appear, send out people to look for him, don’t chase him on a highway,” Meghan said.

David is on the road to recovery, but the family has no idea what the future holds. “He keeps waking up with nightmares and everything,” Meghan said. “I still have nightmares, I still have not slept, I don’t want to sleep, because I’m scared if I go to sleep. I’m either going to wake up to my husband passed out and dead or my son injured and dead.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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