Texting Car Accident Leads to $235,000 Settlement

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A 32-year-old woman who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after a head-on car accident tied to texting has settled her personal injury lawsuit for $235,000.

The Connecticut woman was driving in an SUV with her boyfriend in June of 2017 when they were struck by a car driven by a woman who was texting her husband about what to have for dinner that night.

Though Kelsey Lisk and her passenger sustained only bumps and bruises in the car accident, she filed a lawsuit against Dasantila Rook seeking compensation for the emotional and psychological damage that she suffered as a result of her negligence.

Accordin to Lisk’s advocate, she has been suffering constant panic attacks ever since the day that Rook’s vehicle crossed the yellow line and struck her car, and has required therapy for anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

Texting Car Accident Leaves Victim Shaken

The impact of the car accident has left Ms. Lisk hyper-vigilant and nervous. According to her attorney, “She will be driving on the highway and something will occur in that someone will either cut her off or traffic could stop suddenly or someone comes up behind her — any trigger may occur in her having a panic attack now on the highway. She is learning to cope. She has had therapy to address the issue.”

The settlement of the car accident case was made easier by the fact that Ms. Rook did not dispute that she had been texting at the time of the accident. According to the investigating officer, he had retrieved the phone from the floor of the car and asked her to open the phone with the password, revealing the text about dinner. The text coincided with the time of the accident. She was ticketed by the officer. The $235,000 settlement is just $15,000 under the maximum allowable under Ms. Rook’s insurance policy.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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