Texas Woman Sues Hospital over Child’s Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy

Beaumont, TX – A Texas woman says her child was born with a birth defect known as dyskinetic cerebral palsy due to her doctors’ negligent actions during the delivery. Kalyn M Pedigo says her daughter started displaying unintentional movements soon after birth in 2011 July. Mary Kathryn Pedigo, Kalyn M Pedigo’s daughter, is 2 years old now. Pedigo says those were the symptoms of dyskinetic cerebral palsy, a condition developed when the basal ganglia (basal nuclei) in brain is damaged. Basal nuclei or basal ganglia are a group of nuclei of different origin in the brains of all vertebrates. They act as an organized functional unit.

Ms. Pedigo has filed a lawsuit on 12th September, 2012 in Jefferson County Dist. Court.

Kalyn M Pedigo says the doctors could’ve prevented her daughter’s cerebral palsy from developing if they had monitored the child properly during the delivery and if they had communicated effectively with her doctor.

According to the lawsuit, Kalyn M Pedigo reached at Baptist Hospitals of SE Texas-Beaumont on 4th July after she suffered a leak of amniotic fluid. Then the employees at that hospital noted continuously raising blood pressure. However, they failed to inform this to the plaintiff’s doctor Kevin Waddell, the complaint states. Both Baptist Hospitals and Dr. Waddell have been named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Dr. Waddell came to know regarding the condition of Kalyn M Pedigo on the next day only. Then Dr. Waddell diagnosed Pedigo with severe preeclampsia, according to the suit. Mary K Pedigo was born soon after that, the lawsuit states. Ever since her birth, the child has missed each of the development milestones, the plaintiff claims. In addition, Mary K Pedigo was diagnosed with dyskinetic cerebral palsy, Kalyn M Pedigo states in her suit.

Due to the incident and the child’s devastating condition, Mary K Pedigo and the plaintiff suffered extreme physical pain, mental anguish, physical disability, physical impairment, and incurred substantial medical expenses, the lawsuit states.

Kalyn M Pedigo is asking for an unspecified amount in damages, in addition to costs, pre-judgement interest at legal rate, post-judgement interest at legal rate, and any other relief to which she might be entitled legally.

Craig Lewis, an attorney with Houston, Texas-based ‘the Lewis Law Firm,’ will represent Kalyn M Pedigo in her fight for justice.

Hon. Gary Sanderson, the judge of the sixtieth district court (Jefferson County, Beaumont, Texas), will preside over the case.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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