Texas Man Killed in Oil Field Explosion When Tank Battery Explodes

oil field explosion

A Texas man was killed in an oil field explosion when the tank battery at his work location exploded. The unidentified man’s body was badly burned, and the coroner is still attempting to make an identification. The incident took place at the site owned by WPX Energy in Loving, Texas, and also injured another man.

According to police deputies, they were called about a problem on the site, and when they arrived, they found that the oil field explosion had fully engulfed the site. A tank battery is a term used to describe the various storage and processing tanks and related equipment that surrounds an oil well. It is not known whether the specific tank battery involved in the conflagration were connected to a single well or multiple wells, but it is known that there were eleven tanks involved in the fire.

Deceased’s Body Could Not Be Located Following Oil Field Explosion

Describing the situation, Lt. Matt Hutchinson of the Sheriff’s Office says that following the oil field explosion, his crew was not able to locate the deceased man, and even after the body was found authorities were unable to initially provide proper identification because of the extensive damage that the fire caused. According to Hutchinson, the Sheriff’s Office’s Detectives Division will be investigating the cause of the accident. “The oil and gas industry is booming right now,” he said. “Unfortunately, incidents like this do occur. The oilfield can be a very dangerous job.”

Witnesses indicate that though there were eight tanks involved in the fire, eight of them contained water, while two held residue oil and another is used for separating oil. Company spokesman Kelly Swan said, “Everyone involved has a heavy heart today. The oil patch is a close-knit community where people care deeply about each other and the important work they do.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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