Texas Church Facility Faces Multiple Allegations of Daycare Abuse

daycare abuse

Accusations and allegations of daycare abuse have been swirling around the Wylie Baptist Church’s Child Development Center in Abilene since last March when employee Benjamin Roberts was arrested on charges of Possession of Child Pornography and Indecency with a Child — Sexual Contact. Since then it has been revealed that Roberts not only ran a “Kids’ Club” out of his home but has also worked in daycare and youth ministries at several Abilene churches.

Following Roberts’ arrest, the church fired school director Amanda McKee after learning that she had been notified that daycare abuse was happening in her facility and had failed to take any action. McKee has now turned herself into authorities on a charge of failure to report, claiming that she doesn’t remember parents and employees telling her about Roberts’ inappropriate actions.

Employees and Parents Warned School Director About Daycare Abuse

Local news station investigations have revealed that both employees of the daycare and parents of students at the facility expressed specific concerns to the director about daycare abuses that they had witnessed. Employees told her that he had been sexually aroused when children sat on his lap and that he would follow older boys into the bathroom, a procedure that is against church policy. Parents also indicated that they had explicitly told McKee that they did not want Roberts around their children “because of the way he had been touching” them.

Though many parents took action on their own, removing their children from the facility out of concerns about daycare abuse, police say that there is an “extremely high likelihood” that many more children will be coming forward to report having been the victim of sexual assault at Roberts’ hands. They were initially investigating 21 separate incidents, with others suspected of having taken place at facilities where the daycare worker had been employed previously.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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