Six Employees Sue Wind Blade Manufacturer Over Industrial Plant Injuries

industrial plant injury

Multiple employees of wind farm blade manufacturer TPI Composites have filed a lawsuit, accusing the company of causing them significant industrial plant injuries. The employees say that their injuries were caused by a variety of chemicals they used without appropriate protection.

Among the industrial plant injuries cited in the lawsuit are contact dermatitis, swelling of the face, and other injuries caused by exposure to chemicals. Zarpka “Patience” Green claims that she became sick after applying epoxy resin inside blades in the Iowa plant’s molding department without adequate protection.

She says that though she was issued gloves, masks, and suits, the gear was made of paper and the chemical often soaked through to her skin and clothes. She also says that after she became sick and sought diagnosis, the company fired her, specifically indicating that it could not provide her with the health accommodations she needed.

Fan Blade Manufacturer Denies Role in Industrial Plant Injuries

Though TPI Composites has denied responsibility for the industrial plant injuries and claimed to hold employee safety as its “first core value,” the company has been cited by the Iowa Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) with forty-three separate violations resulting in $154,524 fines.

The most impactful of the breaches cited involve airborne chemicals and fiberglass dust which can lead to respiratory issues, as well as failure to provide the correct personal protective equipment to address the specific risks that employees face. The company is contesting all of those citations.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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