Seattle Uber Accident Severely Injures Pedestrian

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An Uber accident that left a 37-year-old pedestrian in a skilled nursing facility months after the incident has led to a personal injury lawsuit accusing the ride-sharing company of responsibility for the serious injuries that the man suffered. The incident took place on May 14th in Seattle, when Jonathan Stroh and a coworker from the world-renowned Candis restaurant were walking on a sidewalk and were struck by a Prius being operated by an Uber driver. The passenger in the Prius, a 72-year-old woman, was killed.

Speaking of the Uber accident that left him severely injured, Jonathan Stroh told a local news station, “The only thing I really remember is carrying a mat, and then nothing else until I woke up in the hospital.” According to the lawsuit, the Prius “negligently left the roadway and entered upon the sidewalk adjacent” to northbound Aurora Avenue North where the men were walking.

Lawsuit Seeks Damages From Ride Share Company Following Uber Accident

The injuries that Mr. Stroh sustained in the Uber accident were extensive, and he is still not well enough to return home. Speaking of the experience, he says, “I had a neck injury, I had messed-up kidneys. I just want to go home and have all this stuff settled and put behind me and go back to work.”

Though Uber has successfully evaded liability in numerous Uber accidents filed in the past, Mr. Stroh’s attorney believes that it is time to shift responsibility to where it belongs, saying, “Uber needs to take the responsibility for putting the cars on the road when they’re in use on an Uber visit.” To date, the rideshare company has been able to defend itself by claiming that its drivers are not employees. Mr. Stroh hopes to prove that the fact that they are working on behalf of Uber means that the company will be held responsible for any damages that their drivers cause.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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