Runner Harmed in Uber Accident Files Negligence Lawsuit

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Katherine Vesce of the Chicago area was a dedicated runner who was excited about running in the 2016 New York City marathon, but an Uber accident resulted in a serious knee injury that may prevent her from future participation, and now she is suing the company for negligence, fraud, and other charges. She claims that the company’s minimal standard and insufficient training procedures left her vulnerable to injury, and she is seeking compensation for the damage that she suffered.

According to testimony submitted in the case, Ms. Vesce’s Uber accident took place on November 6th of 2016. She had traveled to New York to participate in the marathon, and on the morning of the event she used her Uber application to summon a vehicle to take her to the race’s starting point in Staten Island. Immediately upon entering the vehicle she became concerned about driver Souleymane Niango’s abilities. Her complaint cites, “To begin, Plaintiff (Ms. Vesce) realized that the Uber Driver was not a skilled driver. The Uber Driver nearly caused several accidents within the first few minutes of the commute and drove erratically to make turns and pass other vehicles. But worse, the Uber Driver had difficulty communicating with Plaintiff in English and based on her interactions with the Uber Driver it appeared that he was unable to read or understand the various highway signs they passed along the way.”

Uber Accident Injury May Prevent Woman’s Future Marathon Participation

Ms. Vesce’s concerns about the driver’s abilities proved to be well founding, as her Uber accident caused her significant injuries. Based on her description of events, as the ride progressed she began providing directions about which exit he should take, when he “suddenly and inexplicably veered through four lanes of traffic at nearly 70 miles per hour.” He “swerved all the way from the left lane to the right lane, so much so that the vehicle was driving horizontally to the correct flow of traffic. The Uber driver’s car then slammed, in a T-bone fashion, into Defendant Quintana’s car at full speed. Both cars careened off the highway and into a fence on the side of the road.” Vesce’s injuries kept her from participating in the marathon and “she likely will never run a marathon in the future.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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