Fertilizer Plant Explodes in West, Texas

West, Texas — An enormous explosion at a Texas town fertilizer plant left 2 or more people dead and injured approximately 160 individuals. The explosion of the West plant also prompted an extensive evacuation in the 2600-people community. Fire officials are worried that the casualties' number could rise significantly.

The explosion occurred at a Fertilizer Plant in West, approximately 46 km north of Waco. The blast sent a huge fireball into the atmosphere. The danger may still continue. Continue reading “Fertilizer Plant Explodes in West, Texas”

First Witness Testifies for BP

Houston, Texas – British energy major BP Plc called its very first witness on Monday to testify at the ongoing trial designated for determining the cause of the devastating Deepwater Horizon spill and assign liabilities for the catastrophe that contaminated the Gulf shoreline in 2010 April.

Adam Bourgoyne, an ex-petroleum engineering professor and a drilling operations expert hired by the British Petroleum Company, said the oil company followed adequate safety methods in drilling the oil well which finally blasted in year 2010 and spewed millions of bbl of oil into the GoM. Continue reading “First Witness Testifies for BP”

Study Says Pradaxa Can Cause Instant Death and Viral Diseases

Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate), a recently approved blood thinner, can cause instant death and some viral illnesses such as flu, myocarditis etc. Myocarditis is an infection that affects the heart.

In a study that involves laboratory mice, researchers with the North Carolina University discovered that the blood thinner has been linked to an elevated risk of viral and heart hazards, indicating it could interfere with some processes inside the human body. Continue reading “Study Says Pradaxa Can Cause Instant Death and Viral Diseases”

Man Wins $8.3 Million in Hip Implant Case

Los Angeles, CA – A federal grand jury awarded $8.3m to an ex-prison guard who sued the DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson for knowingly selling a defective hip implant which was recalled later.

Jurors discovered that ASR XL hip implant was imperfectly designed and has caused health problems such as metal poisoning that Loren Kransky suffered after a surgery he underwent in year 2007. Continue reading “Man Wins $8.3 Million in Hip Implant Case”

Supreme Court Dismisses Company’s Motion for Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case

New York, NY — The Supreme Court for the New York County has dismissed a motion for summary judgment filed by Kohler (Wisconsin)-based Kohler Company in connection with an asbestos-linked case. The decision was made on 26th March, 2013. The court decided that the initial testimony of the plaintiff sufficiently identifies Kohler Company as his key asbestos exposure source. The plaintiff stated that he had been exposed to the dangerous asbestos fibers while working around the boilers of Kohler Co. Continue reading “Supreme Court Dismisses Company’s Motion for Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case”

Florida Bail Bondsman Charged with Tax Fraud

Tampa, Florida — A bail bondsman has allegedly committed tax return fraud and then robbing his own documents back from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Freddie Wilson, "Against All Odds Bail Bonds" owner is facing possible imprisonment after he was charged with governments funds stealing, obstruction of a criminal probe, and identity theft. Continue reading “Florida Bail Bondsman Charged with Tax Fraud”

Kentucky Couple Files Transvaginal Mesh Suit against Boston Scientific

A transvaginal mesh suit was filed on 2nd March, 2013 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of KY. The suit was filed by a couple in Kentucky against Boston Scientific Corp. The product liability suit cites complications of transvaginal mesh from the company product called Obtryx Transobturator Sling System.

According to the papers submitted in the federal court, the defendant company made a faulty pelvic mesh that was implanted in the claimant for addressing her POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) and SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence). The plaintiffs say it caused her to experience substantial physical as well as mental pain. Continue reading “Kentucky Couple Files Transvaginal Mesh Suit against Boston Scientific”

Former BP Engineer Kurt Mix Faces New Charges in Connection with Gulf Oil Spill

New Orleans, Louisiana — An ex-BP engineer who had been charged with destroying text messages regarding the British oil giant's response to the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill catastrophe is facing new accusations that he deleted many voice mails too from his cell phone.

A superseding arraignment handed up on Wednesday by a grand jury in the federal court in New Orleans, LA, accuses the man of deleting approximately 40 voice mails from an overseer and around 15 voice mails from a contractor of BP Plc. Continue reading “Former BP Engineer Kurt Mix Faces New Charges in Connection with Gulf Oil Spill”

Drywaller Wins $26.6M Verdict in Asbestos Case

A former drywaller and his wife have won a $26.6 million verdict in an asbestos-related case. The lawsuit was filed by Michael Sutherland and his wife Suszi Sutherland, alleging that Michael Sutherland developed malignant mesothelioma because of his occupational exposure to asbestos fibers. The case was heard by a Superior Court jury in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Drywaller Wins $26.6M Verdict in Asbestos Case”

Takeda to Face First Court Trial over Actos

Takeda Pharmaceutical, the biggest drug manufacturer in Asia, is facing first court trial of suits accusing that the company's diabetes drug Actos caused cancer in several patients.

Jack Cooper, an ex-cable splicer who worked for Pacific Bell, took the diabetes drug for approximately 2 years. He says the Takeda's United States unit officials failed to warn consumers properly that the consumption of Actos could result in bladder cancer. The selection of jury in this case starts today in Los Angeles state court. Continue reading “Takeda to Face First Court Trial over Actos”