Ohio Truck Accident Blamed on Drowsy Driving

A firefighter helping with traffic control was severely injured in an Ohio truck accident that is being blamed on drowsy driving. According to Liberty Township Fire Chief Ethan Klussman, the firefighter was released from the hospital several hours after the incident, which involved a semitrailer slamming into the parked fire truck that he was sitting in. The incident also resulted in severe damage to the fire truck.

The truck accident occurred on Interstate 75 in Butler County in the early morning hours, just across from a local high school. A crash between two semi-trucks had occurred on the site a few hours later and the fire department was assisting with the crash investigation and traffic control when the second collision occurred. According to the Ohio State Police, the fire truck had its overhead lights flashing and was blocking the right lane of the highway.

Drowsy Truck Driver and Firefighter Both Hospitalized Following Truck Accident

Truck accidents are frequently a result of drivers falling asleep behind the wheel after putting in too many hours on the road. In the case of the Ohio truck accident, the truck was traveling north and apparently never slowed before the accident: it is surmised that the driver never saw the massive fire truck because he had fallen asleep. Both the fire truck and the semi suffered significant damage as a result of the crash. Both the firefighter sitting in the front passenger side of the fire truck and the semi-truck driver suffered minor injuries requiring treatment from the emergency room at nearby West Chester Hospital.

The truck accident is the subject of a crash investigation and the driver has been cited for driving a commercial vehicle with impaired alertness and with Assured Clear Distance Ahead. It is unclear whether the firefighter will pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver or the company for whom he was driving.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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