North Carolina Daycare Abuse Leads to Conviction, Lawsuit and Closure

Following a 2015 incident of North Carolina daycare abuse that caused “severe emotional distress” to 5-year-old and previous allegations of child abuse and neglect, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina daycare center has agreed to pay compensation to a family. The facility is now closed. This case of North Carolina daycare abuse is not unique.

The facility cited in the daycare abuse case is the Sugar and Spice Child Development Center. The owners agreed to pay $35,000 to 5-year old Carter Accattato after Jacinta Antoinetta Gladden, a 34-year old teacher, assaulted him, taunted him, and encouraged other children to participate in the abuse. Gladden was sentenced to two months in jail on charges of misdemeanor child abuse and one count of assaulting a child under the age of 12. More serious felony charges were dropped and suspended as part of a plea agreement.

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North Carolina Daycare Abuse Documented on Security Camera

Though Gladden’s attorney defended against the charge of daycare abuse, claiming that she simply lost her temper, the incident was recorded on security video camera which the prosecution counters told a very different story. According to Assistant District Attorney Pansy Glanton, the child had misbehaved earlier in the day and his parents had been contacted to pick him up. While the parents were en route, the teacher disciplined him by picking him up by the arms and shoulders and placing him on a bookshelf, then instructing other students at the center to kick him. During the event there were roughly ten children surrounding him, following the teacher’s instructions to call him “baby” while striking and kicking him. By the time the parent arrived, the child had cuts and bruises on his body.

According to Carter’s parents, he was traumatized and suffered severe emotional distress. They filed a lawsuit charging the daycare with negligence in their hiring practice and in their supervision of the teacher. They also charged the center with having failed to respond appropriately to previous complaints about her and recently agreed to the $35,000 settlement.

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Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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