Daycare Abuse Discovered at Miss Peppers Place in Waco, Texas

miss peppers place daycare abuse

The fear of daycare abuse is very real for every parent that places their child in someone else’s care, and that was true for Eric and Jordan Benson when they looked for a facility for their two-year old son and their 10-month old daughter. They thought they’d found an excellent option in Miss Peppers Place, a daycare located at 3800 Lasker Avenue in Waco, Texas. “We were her fans,” Mr. Benson said. But that was before the parents discovered that both children were being abused at the facility.

The daycare abuse became apparent back in April, when the couple picked up their son and found that he’d suffered a dislocation and a fracture of the shoulder and arm. When the mother arrived at the daycare she was told that he’d injured himself, so she took him to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center. She was told that it would have been physically impossible for that type of injury to occur without the arm being “jerked by an adult.” The parents filed a police report that led to an investigation that revealed video of the day’s events, as well as others.

Abuse Revealed on Miss Peppers Place Security Cameras

The video involving their son showed Pepper Jones, the daycare facility owner, separating him from wrestling with another toddler. The child and Jones were both missing from the video for a 9-minute period, following which the affidavit states, “his demeanor has completely changed. The victim sits on a bench and holds his arm and does not move his arm.” When the child was interviewed he “touched his splinted arm and said, ‘Pepper, my arm, right her, doctor.’”

Further investigations showed that their 10-month had also been handled aggressively and violently, and that other children were as well. The owner has been arrested on one count of injury to a child and six counts of endangering a child, and one of her employees was also charged with six counts of injury to a child. The owner was released on bond and has indicated that the daycare’s license would be relinquished voluntarily.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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