Michigan Woman Sues Medical Center over Child’s Cerebral Palsy

Huntington, West Virginia – A mother from Michigan is suing St. Mary’s Medical Centre Incorporated over allegations that the hospital’s negligence resulted in irreparable damages of her newborn infant. St. Mary’s Medical Centre is the largest medical facility in Huntington, W. Virginia, offering cancer treatment, cardiac care, Neuroscience, Emergency/Trauma services, and Orthopedics, according to its website.

Tanise Jackson has filed a suit on 21st April in the U.S. Dist. Court for the Southern Dist. of W. Virginia against the medical centre. The defendant is accused of medical malpractice. Jackson is suing individually and as Marvelle Mayo’s mother.

According to Jackson, she visited the medical center and met Dr. Aaron Scaife on 9th December, 2012 for the labor as well as delivery of Mayo. The suit states that she was given Pitocin for inducing the delivery. Jackson alleges that Pitocin caused the symptoms and signs of distress in the infant. Additionally, it caused the plaintiff to suffer a uterine rupture, according to the suit.

The brief indicates that Scaife determined to deliver Mayo by caesarian surgery too late, causing in the infant suffering life-changing damages such as blindness and cerebral palsy.

Pitocin is the brand name of an artificial form of Oxytocin, a natural hormone produced by the body of a woman which causes the uterus of that woman to have contractions. Generally it is used for beginning the labor of a mother or augmenting her labor. However, the contractions induced by Pitocin are different from the Oxytocin contractions in a number of ways. When the labor is taking an unreasonably long time or if the baby is overdue, Pitocin is used to induce labor for saving life. However, misuse of this synthetic hormone can be very dangerous for infants as well as mothers. Though Pitocin is normally effective in helping with the process of labor, it carries substantial risks as well, particularly if the hormone is used in excessive levels. However, induce of Pitocin could make the delivery more painful for mother even for the best case scenarios. Some complications linked to Pitocin include cerebral palsy, brain damage because of oxygen deprivation, musculoskeletal injuries and even death.

The plaintiff is asking for damages, attorney’s fees, costs, court expenses and interest at legal rate. The amount of damages has not been specified in the suit. An Elkins, West Virginia law firm is representing Jackson in this case.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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