Man Convicted of Murder in Series of Houston Car Accidents

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The 38-year-old man behind a series of Houston car accident has been convicted of the murder of two people, and the jury in his trial has recommended a sentence of 80 years behind bars. According to testimony provided in the case, Blaine Boudreaux killed both a six-year-old boy and a homeless man in the course of a series of crashes for which there is little explanation.

The child who was killed was Joshua Medrano, who was in one of the vehicles that Boudreaux crashed into. The homeless man, 61-year-old Leonard Batiste, was struck and his body thrown far enough from the scene of the accident that it took more than a day for it to be discovered.

Prosecutors handling the Houston car accident case had urged the jury to sentence Boudreaux to life in prison, indicating that he was likely to commit more crimes in the future if allowed to walk free. Boudreaux’s defense attorney agreed that he was guilty, but argued against him deserving 99 years in jail.

Man’s Conviction Follows Four Separate Houston Car Accidents

The series of Houston car accidents all occurred on April 26, 2015, when Boudreaux crashed into a vehicle at the Texas Medical Center, where Boudreau told police officers that he was visiting his child. The police gave him a citation and allowed him to leave the scene, but he went on to crash at least three more times.

Prosecutors now say that he was impaired at the time of the accident: immediately upon leaving the medical center, he hit another vehicle with his truck. Though witnesses to the second accident say that he was acting strangely, he was allowed to leave the scene of that accident as well. Later that day he hit the homeless man, killing him, then kept driving and crashed into the vehicle in which Joshua Medrano was riding.

Asked about the fatal incident, Boudreaux says he only remembers having the airbag hit him and an officer shaking him and telling him that he had killed a child. He claims that he was not intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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