Lawsuit Filed After Pittsburg Truck Accident Kills 19-Year-Old Girl

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A truck accident that left a 19-year-old Pittsburg woman dead is the subject of a civil lawsuit, as well as a criminal investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police. Alissa Jones was killed on June 30th of this year just outside of her family’s front door when their family car was smashed by a tractor-trailer whose driver also struck the young woman, then drove away.

The hit-and-run truck accident left a community devastated, as the young woman was a much-loved member of the community who had big plans for the future. Alissa was a member of the Junior ROTC and a nationally-ranked member of her rifle team who had planned to go to college. “Nothing can bring her back, nothing can make it easier, nothing’s going to fix it,” said April Jones, Alissa’s sister. April was home at the time of the accident.

Truck Accident Victim’s Family Points to Long History of Negligence and Poor Management

The truck accident lawsuit filed by the family has been filed against both the driver, who fled the scene and never even called 911 and the company for whom he worked. A family representative said, “This was an amazing girl who lost her life that night and there was no reason for it, it could’ve been prevented.” The defendants named in the lawsuit include Ag Central Inc., HAMCO Inc., out of New Wilmington and Better Equipment Inc., along with Kalmbach Trucking. The trucks carriers and drivers used by the local agriculture company and its subsidiaries have a history of safety violations including maintenance violations, unsafe equipment, and a drug and alcohol violation by one of its drivers in the last two years. Speaking of the case, the family’s attorney said, “It’s about making our highways safe because if it wasn’t the Jones family, it could’ve been another family that this happened to. We would like to see change.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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