Industrial Plant Injury Results in $9 Million Settlement for Victim

industrial plant injury

A contract worker who lost his leg following an industrial plant injury has accepted a $9 million settlement from several companies named as defendants in his personal injury lawsuit. The man, Charles Jones, was run over twice by a forklift while working in a North Philadelphia warehouse owned by Newman and Company, a family-owned paperboard mill.

Following the industrial plant injury, Johnson underwent nine separate surgeries in an excruciating attempt to preserve his leg but eventually had to have it amputated under the knee. In addition to naming Newman and Company as defendants, he also sought compensation from Corestaff, Inc., the staffing agency that placed him in the warehouse; Mill Corporation, the company that employs the employee who ran over him twice; Bridgeview Paper Company and United States Recycling.

Employee Who Caused Industrial Plant Injury Admits To Negligence

In Jones’ original filings in the industrial plant injury lawsuit, he explains, “Mr. Johnson readily admits that, when he ran over Charles, he was not looking where he was going, but instead was operating the forklift in reverse while counting bales of stacked material.

He admits he never sounded his horn and never brought the forklift to a stop before reversing around the corner. He admits that his conduct was ‘inexcusable from a safety standpoint.’ In sum, Mr. Johnson admits that he violated all basic rules of forklift safety on the date of this tragedy, as a direct result of which he did not see Charles and ran him over.”

The negligence that Johnson displayed during his role in the industrial plant injury was apparently not new. Jones’ filing indicated that despite the fact that Johnson had a record showing “lack of concern for safety and incompetent and inadequate safety training,” the company kept him on the job and operating the forklift.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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