Houston Car Accident Claims Young Mother’s Life

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The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a Houston car accident that claimed the life of a young mother and injured her one-year-old son and 48-year-old mother. The incident involved a heavily intoxicated 19-year-old whose Ford F-150 truck drifted across three lanes of traffic before striking Taylor Phillips’ SUV head-on.

According to Sean Teare, chief of the Vehicular Crimes Division, Erick Raphael Hernandez had consumed several alcoholic drinks before the accident, and the investigators are working with agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to determine what venues served the underaged man the liquor.

So far, the investigation into the Houston car accident has been limited to Frontera Events Venue in South Houston, where Hernandez said that he’s had five drinks, but investigators say that they have evidence that he had consumed a good deal more alcohol before causing the fatal accident, leading them to look into whether he had progressed through a variety of establishments. The agents are looking at surveillance footage from bars that Hernandez reports have visited to help their inquiry.

Charges in Houston Car Accident Likely to Extend to Drinking Establishments

According to Teare, there are numerous violations that contributed to the Houston car accident. Hernandez was in possession of a high-quality fake identification which investigators want to find the source of. They are also looking closely at Frontera Events, which has been cited twice since its October 2017 opening for serving alcohol to a minor and for serving alcohol after hours.

In incidents like the Houston car accident, Teare says that drinking establishments are shielded from prosecution of they have required all employees to undergo TABC training: once that is done, only the serving bartender can be held liable.

However, when a DUI accident results in a death, the business may be prosecuted. “To the sellers and servers, the owners of these establishments, just be responsible,“ he said. “Check IDs. If you see that someone’s obviously intoxicated, stop selling them alcohol. Do those things, and everything is going to be fine.

But that small percentage of those sellers, servers and owners out there that encourage and actually do violate the law and over-serve and sell to minors, those are the ones we’re going to come after.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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