Guilty Plea Entered in Truck Accident That Killed Toddler

truck accident

A truck driver pled guilty to three charges of homicide related to a fatal 2018 truck accident that claimed the life of a 16-month old girl and her father. Jack E. Satterfield III of Mississippi was traveling in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania when he failed to stop his tractor-trailer as it approached stopped traffic.

He plowed into several cars without slowing down, including the 1996 Eagle Vision in which 16-month-old Elliana Lybrand was traveling with her 24-year-old father Zachary. Both were killed in the conflagration of flame and smoke that followed.

The tragic truck accident is being blamed on more than a lack of attention: Satterfield was reportedly drinking alcohol all throughout the day of the accident. Making matters worse, after having caused tremendous harm and grief, he left the scene of the accident, only to be found hiding among a group that had gathered at a nearby hotel.

Sentencing For Driver Behind Truck Accident Scheduled for August

In August Satterfield will be told what his punishment is for his role in the fatal truck accident, but the victims’ families are asking the district attorney to pursue the maximum sentence allowed by law. The accident decimated more than the family of the young father and toddler: the truck rammed into other vehicles as well, causing numerous injuries.

According to his own confession, prior to the truck accident, Satterfield had consumed three large margaritas, as well as a beer at a restaurant in New Jersey. Police also discovered an empty six-pack of beer and an empty bottle of Jagermeister that he indicated he had been drinking while he was driving from New Jersey into Pennsylvania.

Following the accident, rather than staying on the scene and taking responsibility for what he had done, he climbed through his window and walked away towards the hotel on the side of the highway where he was found by police an hour later. At the time that police spotted and arrested him there, a blood alcohol concentration test taken on scene registered .152 percent.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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