Fatal Florida Bicycle Accident Caused by Garbage Truck Equipment

bicycle accident

A Florida bicycle accident involving a garbage truck has resulted in the death of the cyclist. According to witnesses, 27-year-old Marvin De Jesus Morales-Perez was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk when he was struck from behind by the waste truck’s collection arm and claw. The accident was reminiscent of the Texas bicycle accident that killed Texas A&M student Alannah Ritch less than one year ago.

In the Texas bicycle accident, the 21-year-old was riding her bike to campus when she was killed by a College Station garbage truck. In that incident, the fatality was the result of the driver backing over the cyclist and her bike despite having a backup camera and side mirrors. Ms. Ritch’s family filed a personal injury lawsuit against the City of College Station, which was settled a few months after the incident.

No Warning for Cyclist Killed in Bicycle Accident

Rosalind Perez was a witness to the bicycle accident, and speaking of the victim she told police, “There’s nothing he could have done. No warning. The arm thing swung and hit him in the head.” He died two days after the incident in the hospital, but the incident is still being investigated by the local police.

The trash truck driver, Howard Foster, told the police he had been driving the truck after picking up a load of landscaping debris. He claimed he had stowed the truck’s arm and claw and had driven just over a mile when the accident took place. “The boom, all of a sudden it just must have come down. I don’t know when it came down. I saw the guy on the bike. I was going straight. All of a sudden I hear a noise. I looked in my mirror. I saw the boom was down and I didn’t see the guy.”

Foster submitted to tests for the presence of drugs or alcohol in his system, which appear to have been negative. He indicated he had never before seen the boom come down from the truck. In the past year, there have been several incidents in which trash truck accidents have resulted in fatalities. Some involve pedestrians or other vehicles, and some cause bicycle accidents like this one and the one in Texas.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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