Family Files Lawsuit Following Fatal Uber Accident

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A 23-year-old San Francisco barista and UC Berkeley student was killed in an Uber accident last November, and now her family is filing a lawsuit against the driver who was behind the wheel.

According to police Jessica Christie was riding her motorcycle to work at Saint Frank Coffee at the same time that Uber driver Roberto Carlos Blandon Martinez received a notification of a new fare that was in the opposite direction from which his vehicle was parked. Martinez failed to look behind him to see the oncoming motorcycle and executed a U-turn from where he was parked at the curb. He struck Christie, leading to her death.

When the Uber accident occurred, Martinez told investigators that he hadn’t seen the motorcycle approaching. The force of the accident was extreme, catapulting the young woman off of her bike. She died an hour later of massive internal bleeding: she also suffered broken arms and legs.

Though the accident did not garner much public attention at the time, prosecutors have since filed charges against the driver for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, and now Christie’s parents have sued both the driver and Uber for her wrongful death.

Lawsuit Faults Driver and Company for Uber Accident

In filing their claim, Penny and Scott Christie say that the Uber accident and others like it are a result of negligence, and say that “ride-share vehicles in urban areas like San Francisco have created an additional set of hazards.” Though the company did not comment on the lawsuit, they did indicate that the driver is no longer working for the company.

A police report taken at the time of the Uber accident showed that Martinez woke up at 4 a.m. to start his shift for the ride-sharing company and that he had been pulled over at the time of the call. Investigators said that he was at fault, citing an illegal U-turn as the cause of the accident.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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