Daycare Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Alpharetta Facility

In August of 2016, a civil lawsuit was filed against Crème de la Crème, a daycare located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Despite the owners denying accusations that they were slow to respond to reports of child abuse, the $2.5 million daycare abuse lawsuit will moving forward.

The complaint alleges that management at Crème de la Crème failed to protect children in the care of an abusive former kindergarten teacher. The name of the instructor is being withheld, since she has not yet been criminally charged.

The lawsuit, filed at Fulton County Civil Court, claims that the former teacher would lock children in a dark and windowless bathroom in her classroom. She referred to this as “jail.” Children would be trapped in the room for long periods of time with the lights turned off.

According to students, they were being punished for making mistakes on schoolwork. A number of them cried and pleaded to be released. Lawyers representing the students and their families allege that children were threatened with “jail” if they attempted to release their classmates.

In addition to “jail”, students were encouraged to tease their classmates if they soiled themselves since the “classroom was not for babies.”

“To be locked in a dark bathroom… and to have children cry… is unconscionable, especially when there were tapes of the classroom”.

Glenda Hatchett, Former Fulton County Judge

The lawsuit turned to the facility when parents found their concerns were ignored. Though cameras were present in the classroom, the lawsuit claims Crème de la Crème refused to take proper steps to protect children. Daycare administrators said they remained unaware of the actions of the teacher until a parent brought the claims to their attention.

These incidents, which occurred in 2015, were investigated by the responsible state agency. Six days later, the teacher was fired. Still, the legal repercussions of failing to act carry on.

Daycare Abuse Warning Signs

Unfortunately, daycare abuse occurs in many states and has shown up in dozens of lawsuits. Parents should take it upon themselves to learn more about the warning signs of abuse, and how to choose a responsible provider for their children.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, parents should watch for:

  • Changes in behavior or extreme mood swings
  • Acting out inappropriate sexual activity
  • Changes in bed-wetting, nightmares, or other sleep disturbances
  • Regression to clinging or other infantile behavior
  • Acting out of feelings, aggressions, or rebellious behavior
  • School problems and behavioral problems
  • Changes in toilet-training habits
  • Fear of certain people, places, or activities
  • Excessive fear of going to daycare

How we can Help

By paying close attention to the actions and behaviors of their children, parents can help catch daycare abuse in action.

Still, the goal is to hold daycare providers responsible when inappropriate or dangerous situations take place. This will help eliminate daycare abuse once and for all.

If you believe that your child is experiencing daycare abuse, contact our personal injury lawyers Today at 1-866-222-9990 for the legal advice and assistance you deserve.

Author: Tabitha Naylor


Tabitha Jean Naylor is an independent writer with over 6 years of experience crafting everything from articles to white papers and case studies. Tabitha holds a dual bachelor degree in Political Science and International Business from West Virginia University, where she graduated magna cum laude.