Cruel Nursing Home Abuse Captured on Video

nursing home abuse

A video depicting straightforward nursing home abuse is being seen by viewers of national news media outlets, and it is causing shock and grief among those who have loved ones currently residing in a nursing home, those who are considering a nursing home for a loved one, and those who anticipate being a resident of a nursing home in the future. The specific situation involved a 91-year-old woman diagnosed with dementia, who was tormented by two staff members at the Abington of Glenview, Illinois facility where she resided.

The outrage was generated by a Snapchat video that was taken and posted in December of 2018, showing two staff members taunting the woman with a hospital gown that they know she was afraid of. Brayan Cortez and his girlfriend Jamie Montesa are both nursing assistants at the facility, and after teasing the woman by threatening her with the garment they posted the video on the social media platform Snapchat with the caption “Margaret hates gowns” and two laughing emojis.

Facility Slow to Act in Face of Nursing Home Neglect

In the face of a lawsuit accusing the facility of nursing home neglect and violations of the Nursing Home Care Act, HIPAA and state privacy laws, the nursing home defended itself by saying that the two employees were “immediately terminated when it was determined that they violated our standards and polices.” But the family argues that was not the case: the two were suspended for only six days, then returned to work after an investigation called the claim “unsubstantiated.” The family is accusing the facility of a failure to follow protocol and report the incident to the state. They claim that no action was taken until the aides confessed to the police and were charged after the family filed a complaint.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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