Company That Owns Semi Involved in Fatal Truck Accident Had A Record of Brake Violations

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Though charges have been filed against the driver in the fatal truck accident that claimed the lives of four people in Colorado, investigators have discovered that the company that owns the truck has been previously cited for brake-related issues, and that two trucks were taken out of service over inadequate brake tubing or hoses in the last year. One of those violations occurred just two months before the devastating crash.

The driver in the April 25th truck accident, 23-year-old Rogel Lazaro Aguilera Mederos of Houston, Texas, claims that the brakes on his semi-truck failed, and that was why he crashed into dozens of vehicles. An investigation has revealed that the company he worked for, Castellano 03 Trucking, owns just five trucks and that one of them was pulled off the road as recently as March 6th following an inspection. Another was taken out of service in August for a similar problem. There is no information yet as to whether the truck involved in the crash was one of those cited.

Trucking Company Involved in Fatal Truck Accident Has Long Record of Violations

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Records, the company that owned the vehicle involved in the multi-car truck accident has had a total of 30 vehicle and driver violations over a two-year period. Those violations all resulted from 19 inspections. There was no comment on this report from the company.

The company’s out-of-service rate is just above the national average: some of the violations involved out-of-adjustment clamps or brakes, a damaged securement system for loads, and insufficient tire tread. There were also citations issued after drivers failed to stop for a traffic light or had difficulty reading or understanding traffic signs in English.

The fatal truck accident involved 28 vehicles and resulted in multiple explosions that left victims burned beyond recognition. The area where the crash occurred is notable for its steep descent from the Denver mountains and includes a runaway vehicle ramp for vehicles unable to stop. Unfortunately, the driver failed to use that ramp despite having a “free and unobstructed path” to it.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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