Car Accident Leaves Basketball Pro With Traumatic Brain Injury

car accident traumatic brain injury

An Atlanta car accident has left former Dallas Mavericks player Chandler Parsons with a traumatic brain injury, a herniated disc, and a torn labrum, putting his career in jeopardy. The crash is being blamed on a driver who was arrested for drinking and driving.

The accident that led to the traumatic brain injury and “multiple severe and permanent injuries” occurred last week when his attorneys say that the former Dallas player was driving home from an afternoon basketball practice with his new team, the Atlanta Hawks. His representatives issued a statement saying that Parsons’ vehicle was involved in a three-car crash and that as a result of his injuries his professional basketball career could be “potentially ending.”

Traumatic Brain Injury May End 31-Year-Old’s Career

As a result of the traumatic brain injury, Parsons has been entered in the NBA’s concussion protocol, and it is unclear at this point whether he will be able to return to play. He is working with physicians to rehabilitate and assess his recovery plans. In discussing the car accident, his representatives said, “The at-fault driver created utter chaos on the roadway, needlessly endangering the lives of countless motorists; he now stands charged with DUI, admitted drinking, had alcohol in the car with him, passed out after causing a three-car crash at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday in a busy intersection, seriously injuring and potentially ending Mr. Parsons’ career as a professional athlete.”

The representatives went on to say that Mr. Parsons, an 8-year veteran of the NBA who has played for the Houston Rockets, the Dallas Mavericks, the Memphis Grizzlies and now the Atlanta Hawk, is having a “difficult time accepting the consequences” of the driver’s “reckless conduct” and will be pursuing legal action to “hold all responsible parties fully accountable.” There is no indication as to the driver’s identity, or where he had been drinking prior to the incident.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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