Car Accident Blamed on Restaurant Overserving Alcohol to Patron

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The victim of a horrific Houston car accident has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a local restaurant, holding them responsible for having overserved alcohol to the driver who struck him, causing traumatic injuries and killing his girlfriend.

The Houston car accident is being blamed on Zachary Castro driving while intoxicated after leaving the World of Beer, an establishment located in Cypress. The incident took place on January 27th, when Luis Ramirez and his girlfriend Mayra Ospina had stopped to check on a disabled vehicle that was in a ditch on the side of Barker Cypress near Coventry Park Drive. While Ramirez, Ospina and a third person were checking the abandoned vehicle to make sure there were no injured people inside, Castro’s truck drove directly into them.

Driver in Houston Car Accident Admits to Intoxication

Police charged Zachary Castro with intoxication manslaughter and intoxicated assault after the Houston car accident. During the course of the investigation he admitted that before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle, he had consumed six beers and four additional shots of alcohol at the World of Beer, an establishment where he was an employee.

When Mr. Ramirez, Ms. Ospina, and a third Good Samaritan stopped to check on the disabled vehicle, it was in keeping with what they had always done as a member of an off-road recovery group. He rescued hundreds of stranded people following Hurricane Harvey and the stop they made that night was no different. In an interview with a local news station, he said, “The survivor’s guilt is consuming me. All we were trying to do is make sure someone was okay.” He is struggling to heal from his own injuries, for which he spent three weeks in the hospital, as well as dealing with the loss of his companion.

The lawsuit places responsibility for the Houston car accident squarely on the World of Beer, with a family representative saying, “They should have cut him off and, as a bar and as a friend to the bar manager, they should have called up Uber and sent him home. This would have never happened.”

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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