Blue Springs Daycare Faces Daycare Abuse Allegations

The investigation began with a Facebook post, shared more than five hundred times and responsible for a number of students being pulled from BLS Education Center in Blue Springs, Missouri. In the Facebook post, made in October of 2016, Brooke Plumb checked in at Children’s Mercy Hospital and wrote, “Yesterday I got a call that every parent hopes they never get. One of my biggest fears come true. I trusted these people with my child, my sweet innocent happy little baby. But they are cruel, nasty people.”

The post went on to explain that Plumb’s seven-month-old daughter had to be checked for injuries she allegedly sustained at the BLS Education Center. In response to the post – which drew hundreds of comments – half a dozen people claiming to be former employees brought up concerns about the daycare. These concerns included other instances of abuse and inattentive staff members.

These claims have not been verified, but state officials are investigating the center. Several days after Plumb’s post, the owners of the daycare released a statement denying the charges. In their statement, the owners wrote, “BLS Education Center is in the process of putting to rest a number of negative accusations that we believe have been started by disgruntled ex-employees about our Blue Springs location. We have answered all questions of state investigators who are required to investigate all reports, true or not.”

When 41 Action News reached out to parents in the area whose children had attended BLS Education Center, additional accusations were made. Raynette Hannah, whose four-year-old son Christian once attended the daycare, said the children were unsupervised several evenings in a row. In addition, she claimed, there was nothing more than a padlocked door between the children and the highway.

Hannah also said she once found the assistance director, “talking on her phone and cleaning the kitchen, trying to finish her evening stuff instead of watching the kiddos.” According to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, other issues were found by state inspectors over the past year, including the presence of hazardous materials within reach of children.

Warning Signs of Daycare Abuse

Daycare abuse occurs in many states and has been the subject of hundreds of lawsuits across the country. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in order to prevent or recognize daycare abuse, parents should look for the following signs:

  • Acting out inappropriate sexual activity
  • Changes in behavior or extreme mood swings
  • Regression to clinging or other infantile behavior
  • Changes in nightmares, bed-wetting, or other sleep disturbances
  • Acting out of feelings, aggressions, or rebellious behavior
  • Changes in toilet-training habits
  • School and behavioral problems
  • Fear of certain places, activities, or people
  • Excessive fear of going to daycare

How We Can Help

Daycare centers can, and should, be held accountable for irresponsible and inappropriate actions. Based on the warning signs listed above, if you believe that your child is experiencing daycare abuse, Contact Our Daycare Abuse Lawyers Today at 1-866-222-9990 for the legal advice and assistance you deserve.

Author: Tabitha Naylor


Tabitha Jean Naylor is an independent writer with over 6 years of experience crafting everything from articles to white papers and case studies. Tabitha holds a dual bachelor degree in Political Science and International Business from West Virginia University, where she graduated magna cum laude.