Asbestos Researcher Testifies at Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Talc Lawsuit

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Dr. William Longo is a noted researcher who specializes in identifying the different types of asbestos, often for testimony in lawsuits involving mesothelioma, but this week was one of the first such cases where he has examined Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder. He was asked to do so as part of a case involving a woman who blames her own asbestos-related disease on asbestos she says contaminated the talc baby powder that her mother used on her on a daily basis.

The Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder talc lawsuit where Dr. Longo testified is being heard in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, but it is of interest to people all around the United States, as there are thousands of cases pending accusing the product of being responsible for plaintiffs’ mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. In both cases, the cases are based on the presence of asbestos in the iconic consumer product, and Longo’s testimony is considered integral to the case being heard in California.

Researcher Testifies that Bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Talc Contained Asbestos

When questioned by the mesothelioma victim’s attorneys, Dr. Longo indicated that his team had found anthophyllite in a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder used by Carolyn Weirick. He provided a slide exhibit that revealed 24,700 asbestos fibers in a small sample. His findings are in direct conflict with the argument being made by Johnson & Johnson, which claims that their products never contained asbestos.

In speaking to his own expertise, Longo testified that about 95 percent of the work that his company does is on behalf of plaintiffs like those in the Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder talc case: people who have been impacted by asbestos-related diseases and who need proof that the products they were exposed to were contaminated by the carcinogenic material.

Author: Terri Oppenheimer

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