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hip-replacement-lawyerOf all the orthopedic surgical procedures done in the United States, hip replacements are the most commonly performed. Hip replacements have proven to be tremendously beneficial for the majority of the hundreds of thousands of patients who have undergone the surgery, as they have restored mobility and eliminated pain for those who suffer from arthritis, joint deterioration and the aftermath of broken or fractured hips.

However, in the last several years there has come news that one of the most popular, most recognized manufacturers of medical devices in the country – Johnson & Johnson – had released a hip replacement product called the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System that was not only experiencing a high failure rate, but in some cases the product’s failure was leading to serious medical issues.

Even more alarming is the fact that Johnson & Johnson spent a great deal of time denying the existence of a problem with the item, even going so far as to indicate that they were pulling the product due to falling sales rather than any kind of medical issue. With almost 100,000 of the DePuy Hip Replacements having been implanted in patients, it is expected that there will be thousands of lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, especially since the failure rate that has been cited by the company is approximately one in eight.

If you have had hip replacement surgery and are experiencing pain or having health problems following the surgery, there is a good chance that the fault lies with the product that your surgeon used, though most patients aren’t sure which hip replacement was used in their surgery.

The attorneys at Danziger & De Llano are working hard on behalf of hip replacement patients who have been victimized by the use of this product, and we can help you determine whether it was used in your surgery and if so, pursue justice on your behalf.


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Problems with the De Puy Hip Replacement

The De Puy ASR Hip Replacement that has been the subject of the 2010 recall has caused dramatic problems for the patients who have had them implanted. Fifteen percent or one in every eight people who have had this product implanted in their bodies have had symptoms that have been serious enough that they required revision therapy, in which the patient had to undergo a second surgery, have the defective product removed, and a new hip replacement inserted.

It is thought that the main difficulty with the product is that both the ball and socket of the product are made of metal, where previous versions of the hip replacements had been made of different materials.

Though it was thought that the metal on metal product would allow surgeons to leave more of the patients’ original bone in place, as it turned out the decision was a bad one; metal on metal joints led to rapid deterioration of the product. Bits of metal broke down and irritated the patient’s joint, causing swelling, noise, pain, and in some cases even metal toxicity in the blood stream and tumors.

For patients who experienced any of these symptoms, removal of the product was essential, but was also painful, and led to them having to undergo anesthesia and the risk of future surgical complications.

De Puy’s Response to Initial Failure Reports Caused Additional Pain

The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System was first introduced in 2005, and Johnson & Johnson was permitted to release it onto the market without first performing clinical trials. Over 400 complaints had been received by the FDA by the year 2008, and despite the fact that Johnson & Johnson was alerted to the problems it was not until August 2010 that they instituted a recall and pulled the product off of the market.

In the interim and in the time prior, tens of thousands of people underwent a serious surgical procedure trusting that the product that was being used was safe and reliable and would not endanger their health or put them into worse condition than they were before the procedure.

The fact that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the growing number of reported problems with their product, yet continued to allow it to be implanted into patients, shows reckless disregard for their patients’ well-being. The attorneys at Danziger & De Llano have years of experience pursuing justice on behalf of clients who have been victimized by companies that put profit ahead of people.

Contact us today for a free consultation; we will sit down with you and discuss your medical history, determine whether the De Puy ASR was used in your surgery, and put together a case that will not only hold Johnson & Johnson responsible for the bills that you’ve incurred but also compensate you for the pain and suffering that you have experienced as a result of their disregard.

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