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Hurricane Irma was one of the most intense storms to ever strike the United States. By the time it made landfall in Cudjoe Key on September 10th, 2017, its sustained winds reached 130 miles per hour, causing widespread damage estimated to cost at least $50 billion and claiming the lives of at least 82 people in the state of Florida alone.


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The damage sustained in Florida began in the Keys with a 10-foot storm surge damaging homes, automobiles, businesses, and infrastructure. As the storm moved north, record winds and storm surges brought waist-deep water to the streets of Miami and caused construction cranes to topple. Over four million Florida residents were left without power, and many of the state’s rivers flooded residential areas.

When the storm had passed, many were relieved that it had not been as damaging as forecasters had predicted, but there are still many people dealing with its aftermath. Storm-related damage can be extremely challenging to deal with, particularly as property insurance carriers respond with delays and denials, or settlement offers that are far below what homeowners need or believe that they deserve.

Insurance Companies Minimize their Payouts

Despite insurance companies’ ads promising to be there in homeowners’ time of need, when disaster strikes the insurance adjuster is not working for the policyholders’ interests: they are working on behalf of the company that pays them, and the company’s goal is to remain as profitable as possible. By contrast, the hurricane damage attorneys at Danziger and De Llano represent the interests of their clients, and work to ensure that their claims are honored and paid appropriately.

In the state of Florida, insurance adjusters are prohibited from telling their policyholders that they should not seek the services of an attorney, but many skirt that rule by simply telling people that they don’t need legal help with their claim.

There is How We Help

The truth is that having an advocate by your side can make all the difference when it comes to you getting the coverage that you’ve paid for and that you need in the face of hurricane damage. The attorneys at Danziger & De Llano will make sure that you are treated fairly and that you move forward with your claims process is guided by a strong knowledge of your rights.

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