Insurance Claims

Insurance policies are supposed to be there to protect you against one of your worst nightmares —loss or damage to your property. But what happens when disaster strikes and the company denies your claim or gives you less than you deserve?

If you’ve submitted a claim for damage, your insurance company can respond in many ways. In the very best cases, they’ll provide you with the appropriate amount. But all too often, your claim will be:

  • Denied
  • Met with a settlement that does not adequately cover your loss
  • Met with an argument about what your policy covers


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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you pay your insurance premiums in full and on time to make sure you’ll have coverage when you need it. If you don’t, you need a strong advocate to stand up for your rights. We’re here to do that for you.

Your Damage and Loss Are Real

If you have suffered a property loss, you need to be compensated in order to get your life back to normal. You shouldn’t have to fight for what’s owed to you or to get your insurance company’s attention. Yet all too often, insurance companies will:

  • Ignore your claims
  • Delay their response to your claims
  • Refuse to pay what you deserve
  • Offer you far less than what you think you deserve

Insurance companies will frequently offer a low-ball settlement in the hopes that you’ll be so desperate for money that you’ll accept it. Before you do that, call our legal team for help.

Bad Faith

Insurance companies are legally required to act in good faith towards their policyholders. This means that they need to be fair, honest and responsive. If your company is avoiding your calls, delaying their response, failing to process your claim or denying payment without a good reason, you may hold them legally responsible for their actions.

Property Insurance Claims Often Denied

  • Flood claims
  • Hurricane claims
  • Wind claims
  • Hail claims
  • Fire claims
  • Tornado claims

Insurance companies are in business to do more than accept your premium payments. You deserve their attention and appropriate compensation for your loss. Don’t accept bad behavior or an insufficient payment. Call us today to see how we can help.

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