Fraud has many forms, but in all cases, it is a purposeful act in which somebody is being lied to or a misrepresentation is being made. Fraud can be a criminal act that lands the perpetrator in prison, or it can be a civil action punishable by a fine that represents the financial damage that has been done, plus a penalty.

There is an almost unlimited number of ways in which fraud can be accomplished; it can be in person, over the phone, via email or the internet; fraud can be between two individuals, two businesses, between a business and a consumer, or even against the government. If you’ve been the victim of a fraud on the part of a company, we want to help you.

Whether in the courtroom or in the middle of settlement negotiations, we understand all of the elements that go into proving that fraud has taken place. We understand all of the elements that go into measuring exactly what the impact of the fraud is so that you are able to get reimbursed for any loss you suffered and the party who committed the fraud is made to pay for their unethical behavior.

Whatever form the fraud takes, you need the services of an attorney that not only understands the details of what has been done to you but who also understands how to win the case on your behalf. We not only have years of experience in litigation, we understand the anger and frustration that comes with having trusted that you were working with an ethical entity, and we will make certain that your case is well represented.

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