Frequently Asked Questions

You may have several questions about contacting a lawyer to take your case. We have answered some here for you:


How can I obtain legal counsel?

Please call 1-866-222-9990 or contact us and we will send you legal information.


How much money will I receive if a lawyer takes my case?

Each case varies considerably but the attorney will take into account all aspects of your case in order to ensure you are awarded the highest amount possible.


How much money will I have to pay to hire a lawyer?

There are no upfront costs to hire us to take your case. Our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we are paid a percentage of the total recovery.


Will my case be settled or will I have to go to court?

Very few companies take the cases to trial and are running to settle cases because they know what the jury verdicts look like at the end.


Will the lawsuit interfere with my medical care?

The attorneys will work with your schedule, go to your location and do what is most convenient for you. Their goal is to assist you with your situation as much as possible and not distract you from your medical care, which should be your top priority. Everyone on staff is trained to be sensitive to these types of issues.


Should I take care of my medical issues before my legal issues?

No, because they are connected to each other. It gives the lawsuit real value by allowing jurors to know about the medical treatments that the patient is going through at the time. Both the medical care and lawsuit need to be handled and our attorneys take care of the legal aspect for you.