Did the Zostavax Vaccine Give You Shingles or Another Serious Side Effect?


Many patients who got the Zostavax vaccine to avoid getting shingles ended up with a far worse case of the virus — and some had serious complications. If this happened to you, you may be entitled to significant compensation for medical expenses, pain, or loss of work.

Vaccine Caused the Disease it was Meant to Prevent

The Zostavax vaccine was manufactured by Merck & Company, Inc.. It was meant to cut the risk of the shingles virus reactivating in the bodies of older people who’d had chickenpox as children. Shingles cause a painful full-body rash that can last for weeks and is often debilitating.

Though Merck was aware that the vaccine could actually cause a more serious case of shingles in those who received it, they failed to inform the public of this side effect until seven years after receiving FDA approval. While some patients developed shingles, others suffered more serious injuries, including blindness, hearing loss, paralysis, and liver failure.


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Zostavax Lawsuits are Being Filed

Patients who were diagnosed with shingles after having received the Zostavax vaccination may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Merck & Company based on their knowledge of the health risks posed by the product. In order to qualify to file a lawsuit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have received the Zostavax vaccine after 2006.
  • You must have been clinically diagnosed with shingles or another serious side effect.
  • You must have gotten your negative reaction at least three weeks after receiving the vaccination and no more than one year after receiving the vaccination.

Patients may also be eligible to file a Zostavax vaccine lawsuit if, within two years of having received the vaccination, they were diagnosed with encephalitis, herpetic or postherpetic neuralgia, myelitis Bell’s Palsy, blindness, retinal damage, hearing loss and many other conditions.

How can a Zostavax Lawsuit Help me?

Filing a Zostavax lawsuit against Merck & Company may lead to you receiving compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and additional economic and non-economic injuries that you suffered as a result of the company’s vaccine.

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