Wondering if you Should You File a Pradaxa Lawsuit?

pradaxa lawsuitIf you took Pradaxa and ended up having a heart attack or bleeding issues – or if someone you love took the drug and they died as a result – you may be wondering whether you should file a Pradaxa lawsuit. The news has been full of stories of settlements, and you may have heard that there was a $650 million payment made to satisfy thousands of victims. Does that mean that it’s too late for you to file? What’s the point of filing anyway? After all – it’s not going to bring your loved one back, or restore your health.

The truth is that there are a lot of very good reasons for filing a Pradaxa lawsuit.

First, you need to know that the $650 million settlement addressed 4,000 separate claims for which people who had been hurt by Pradaxa agreed to settle. That does not mean that the company has no money left, and it does not preclude you from filing your own Pradaxa lawsuit. There are many individuals who have been hurt in the same or similar way that you have, and they are pursuing legal claims.


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Second, there is a very good point and a lot of good reasons for filing a Pradaxa lawsuit. The most immediate of these is that it is the single best way for you to recover the money that you have spent on your medical care as a result of the injury that you suffered. It can also provide you with money you lost from having to miss work, or money you had to pay for your loved one’s burial costs and to replace any support that you may have lost when they died.

A Pradaxa lawsuit can provide you with compensation for your emotional pain and suffering, and the loss of companionship that may have resulted from your loss. Finally, filing a Pradaxa lawsuit against the drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim can send a powerful message warning them and other companies that they need to show greater care before placing a dangerous drug on the market.

When a drug is on the market and your doctor tells you it is the best thing to treat your condition, you have every right to trust that it is safe. If your trust has been betrayed by Pradaxa and you’ve been hurt as a result, filing a Pradaxa lawsuit may be your best remedy. Call us to learn more about your specific situation.

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