Lung Cancer Lawyers

lung cancer If you've been diagnosed with lung cancer, it is vital that you have representation from experienced lung cancer lawyers. Lung cancer is a form of cancer that impacts the lungs and the organs we breathe in and out. Unfortunately, lung cancer is the most common cancer that causes death in the United States. This statistic is particularly heart-breaking because, in most cases, lung cancer is entirely preventable.

The saddest lung cancer cases are those where the person diagnosed was exposed through no fault of their own, like employees on job sites where asbestos was used.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material used for centuries to insulate and strengthen manufacturing and building products. In addition, it is known for fireproofing and heat resistance. Asbestos was used in everything from schools to ships.

Unfortunately, dust from asbestos can cause various severe and fatal lung diseases, many of which lead to lung cancer. Employers knew that they were putting their employees' health at risk but didn't warn or protect them.

In instances such as these, employees can often hold their employer responsible for their condition, and the law firm of Danziger & De Llano can help.


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If your Lung Cancer is caused by Asbestos, Help is Available

Many people who have developed lung cancer and who were exposed to asbestos or other toxic substances during their working years are able to pursue a legal claim against their employer. Employers were aware of the risk and the exposure could have been prevented by something as simple as protective clothing or equipment. A lung cancer diagnosis requires immediate and extensive medical treatment and will likely keep you out of work for a very long time, if not permanently. The bills for the care that you are likely to undergo will get very high, very fast.