Have you Suffered Damages from Dollar General Selling Obsolete Motor Oil?

Millions of Americans just like you shop at Dollar General every day expecting to find great deals, but those who have been using Dollar General's own brand of motor oil have not been getting the bargain that they expected. In fact, serious engine damages could have been the result because of this obsolete motor oil.

That's because the SAE 10W-30 oil that Dollar General is selling right next to name brands IS NOT FOR USE IN CARS BUILT AFTER 1988. The SAE 30 variety is not suitable for use in cars built after 1930!


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A General Deception

Dollar General claims that "DG-branded motor oil products meet… all applicable federal and state labeling requirements where they are sold", but the truth is that this is, and always has been, an intentional deceptive trade practice that has caused damages to an unknown number of vehicles all across the country and enriched the corporation the produces and sells a product that harms people economically, damages vehicles physically, and pollutes our environment.

Obsolete Motor Oil Spotlighted by the Media

Even "Good Morning America" went undercover to four Dollar General stores to take a look at the oils, accompanied by the president of the Petroleum Quality Institute of America, which tests motor oils for compliance with industry standards.

He told the investigators that all three DG Auto oils they examined were obsolete.

The American Petroleum Institute has determined that some older formulations of motor oil are now obsolete and are not suitable for modern cars, as newer oils offer greater protection against engine wear and corrosion. All three DG oils fall into "obsolete" categories.