Laser Hair Removal Burn Injuries

Hair removal is the most common Laser procedure leading to injury and legal action, being implicated in more than 1/3 of cases involving a laser burn. It’s also the most common laser procedure overall, with about 1,000,000 procedures performed annually nationwide. In some states — including Texas and New York — no requirement for operator licensing for this procedure exists. This may lead to laser hair removal burn injuries. If you have suffered injuries after having laser hair removal performed, contact us today.

"I could smell the burning, I could feel my face on fire. It was so painful, I could have screamed. I kept wondering when it would be over with. When she told the spa's beauty technician to stop because of the pain, the attendant rubbed ice on her face and asked me if I was ready to do the other side."

These words are testimony from a 34-year-old investment banker from New York who filed a $100 Million lawsuit, she now lives with second and third-degree burns that plastic surgery could not repair.


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Laser Hair Removal Injuries

Injuries from laser hair removal treatments can happen for a variety of reasons, but frequently it is because the dangerous devices that are used in these procedures are meant to be operated by experienced, trained technicians or doctors, but they are not, and an untrained worker can cause lifetime injuries and damages that will never heal.

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