Insurance Premium Refunds

In the whirlwind of tasks that must be attended to after a loved one dies, important details can be forgotten. Sometimes this is because the deceased person's survivors are overwhelmed by everything that must be done, and sometimes it is because the survivors do not know about all of the deceased person’s assets.

For instance, many people leave behind insurance policies that their survivors do not know exist. It can be difficult to find and organize all the safety deposit boxes, file folders, and bank accounts that the deceased has kept private for many years. As a result, over $1 billion in insurance claims went unpaid last year. Many of the intended beneficiaries have no idea that they could collect money.

Health, accident, and unemployment insurance policies all need to be closed or they may continue to collect premiums. Additionally, some insurance policies pay benefits to the survivors.

Are You Owed an Insurance Premium Refund?

If you are the representative or surviving spouse of the deceased person, it is worth your while to make sure that all of the deceased person's insurance policies have been closed or collected.

If you find that a prepaid health insurance policy is still in effect for the deceased person, you may be owed a refund. This also applies if the deceased person's credit card or bank account was making automatic payments after the policy holder's death.

How Can You Collect Your Money?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always helpful in this regard. They may avoid the situation, neglect to tell you that you are owed a refund, or make the process unnecessarily difficult for you.

However, the law is on your side. Insurance companies are legally obligated to repay any premiums you or the deceased has paid on the premium after death. As lawyers, we can help make sure you get the refund that you are legally owed.

We are currently taking insurance premium refund cases in Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Missouri. There are no up-front costs to our customers: we collect only a percentage of what we recover for you. You will not have to pay in advance and if no refund is obtained, you do not have to pay at all.